Psychological Support

Psychological support or councelling is essential for a patient’s preparation and attendance before and after the surgery to obtain a successful result. As a first step the consultant will take the patient’s medical history and then will establish if the patient is emotionally and physical ready to go through the appropriate surgical procedure. The latter, this is also known as preoperative psychological evaluation.

Consequently, the consultant will inform the patient of the benefits and the potential complications he or she might experience after the surgery. In this case, the patient is encouraged to make an informed and confident decision and proceed with the surgery.

After the surgery is performed the patient might experience behavioral changes and emotional distress. For this reason frequent visits to the consultant are necessary to ease these feelings. Additionally, research suggests that people who frequently visit their consultants or take part in support groups discussing with others who have undergone similar procedures, tent to be more motivated into loosing fast their weight.

It is very important for the patient to understand that the procedures mentioned above are not the one and only step the patient has to endure in order to lose the excess of weight. It is rather the first step the patient has to take and then put all his effort in trying to change his own lifestyle and his habits.

“For this reason consultation is needed to guide the patient after the surgery to know and embrace himself and his body that he all these years hated and despised.”