Pancreatic Surgery In Dubai

Pancreatic Surgery – Quick Facts

  • Performed to treat various conditions affecting the Pancreas
  • Treats conditions such as pancreatic cancer, chronic pancreatitis, benign tumors, cysts, and pseudocysts.
  • The type of surgery depends on the specific condition and location of the issue within the pancreas.
  • Recovery requires close monitoring, pain management, and sometimes long-term dietary adjustments and enzyme replacement therapy.
  • The prognosis may vary according to the underlying condition, the stage at which it was treated, and the patient’s overall health.

Dr. Nikolas Valsamidis is an established gastroenterology and laparoscopic surgeon offering safe and precise pancreatic surgery in Dubai using the latest techniques and methodologies.

What is Pancreatic Surgery?

Pancreatic surgery, or Pancreatectomy, is a medical procedure performed to treat various conditions affecting the Pancreas – an essential organ located behind the stomach that plays a fundamental role in digestion and blood sugar regulation. The surgery involves the removal or treatment of parts of the pancreas to address specific medical conditions.

It serves two primary purposes. It produces enzymes that aid in the digestion of food, as well as hormones that help maintain blood sugar levels and store energy from food.

Our pancreas surgeon in Dubai often uses minimally invasive techniques, like laparoscopy or robot-assisted surgery, to reduce invasiveness and improve recovery times.

Pancreatic conditions that need surgical intervention

Following are some of the pancreatic conditions that may not respond to conservative treatment methods and hence can be cured only through surgery:

  • Pancreatic Cysts
  • Chronic Pancreatitis
  • Pancreatic Cancer
  • Primary Pancreatic Cancer
  • Metastatic Cancer of the pancreas
  • Neuroendocrine Pancreatic Cancer
  • Tumors affecting nearby tissues (Includes Ampullary Cancer, Bile Duct Cancers, Duodenal Cancer)

Types of Pancreatic Surgery

The type of pancreas surgery in Dubai recommended by our doctor is frequently determined by the diagnosis and section of the pancreas affected.

Some of the surgery options are:

Laparoscopy Staging (Diagnostic)

The surgeon guides a laparoscope (a flexible tube with a camera at the tip) through a small incision in the belly button during this minimally invasive procedure. This cutting-edge diagnostic procedure provides our surgeons with a clearer picture of whether and where cancer has spread.

Whipple Procedure

The front end of the pancreas (the part that attaches to the intestine) is removed during this highly technical surgery. Other tissues, such as the gallbladder and sections of the bile duct, small intestine, and stomach, are also removed as needed by our surgeon. They remove diseased tissue and reconnect healthy tissue so that organs can function normally.

Laparoscopic Distal or Partial Pancreatectomy 

This procedure involves the removal of pancreas tissue from either the body (middle section) or the tail (end of the pancreas, near the spleen). In most cases, surgery will also remove the spleen. Our surgeon and his team are experienced in both traditional open surgery and laparoscopic (small incision) distal pancreatectomy and will recommend the best option for you.

Total Pancreatectomy

This surgery is similar to the Whipple procedure, except that the entire pancreas is removed. Without a pancreas, your body cannot produce insulin (which is required for blood sugar control) or the enzymes that digest fat. After a total pancreatectomy, all patients must take insulin and enzyme replacement for the rest of their lives.

Dr. Nikolas Valsamidis: Your Trusted Expert in Advanced Pancreatic Surgery in Dubai

When considering pancreatic surgery, Dr. Nikolas Valsamidis is the top choice. With his extensive experience and specialization in minimally invasive procedures, he’s a recognized leader in the field, both nationally and globally.

His dedication to patient well-being ensures that you’ll receive the best care, with the least invasive techniques available, for a swifter recovery and minimal discomfort.

With Dr. Nikolas, you’re placing your trust in a world-class surgeon committed to pioneering advancements in pancreatic surgery, resulting in optimal outcomes for his patients.

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