Necessity of Expert

Obesity is considered to be a medical condition and thus professional consultation is necessary to inform as best as possible the current state of each individual and point them towards the best decision. People often find it difficult in taking the decision and seek professional consultation for their problem. However, if they do make the decision and seek advice, they tend to become more motivated in changing their lives.

The professional consultant:

  • Will establish in what weight stage the person is.
  • Will identify if this person is psychologically ready to go through weight management at this point.
  • If the person is determined and has the will to undergo weight management, the consultant will present information regarding the procedures available and will establish which one is appropriate to follow.
  • The consultant will explain why this particular procedure is the appropriate to perform and the advantages and complications it may have, depending on how severe his stage is.
  • Lastly, the person interested will be informed about the cost, the accommodation and the post surgery aftercare our institute offers.