Minimally Invasive Surgery

Generally, minimal invasive procedures are considered to hold many advantages over classic methods of surgery, for the main reason that there are fewer traumas to cope with after the operation.

The term Fast Track Surgery is referred to a group of alterations and adjustments of the traditional surgical method that aim to faster postoperative rehabilitation with no complications. Fast track surgery, which is included in minimal invasive surgery, becomes the first choice in obesity cases, due to a smaller surgical scar. The patient has the advantage of a shorter healing period and can return to his daily activities in just a few days.

The benefits that minimal invasive procedures offer are mentioned as follows:

  • Less Scarring
  • Less Pain
  • Less Pain Medication
  • Less Tissue Damage
  • Less Inflammation
  • Shorter Healing Time
  • Shorter Hospitalisation
  • Quicker Return to normal activities
  • Lower Cost
  • Less Anesthesia side-effects
  • Shorter post-operational adjusting time
  • Less dizziness & nausea