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Obesity Treatment in Athens, Greece
A guaranteed success in bariatric operation and a lifelong follow up at an affordable operation cost.

Is your weight an obstacle to deal with every day tasks?

Do you have problem with your weight followed by severe medical conditions like arythmia, high blood pressure and even depression?

Have you considered about how many things you have to do in life yet and your weight is an obstacle to do these tasks easily?

Then it is time for you to take an action and deal with the obesity.

Choising to treat obesity abroad is now easier as never before.

The latest EU Directive on cross-border healthcare let you freely travel to a warm and sunny place having the quality and standards of the scandinavian health care system with comfort and luxury not so far from home. You can even combine obesity treatment, operation and recovery with family holidays.

Dr. Valsamidis and his highly-specialized team in bariatrics are working at a high-quality standards and european accredited hospital at Mediterraneo Hospital, in the south suburbs of Athens in Glyfada, Greece.

Dr Valsamidis is a danish well-known doctor in Scandinavia, central and south Europe. He is an experienced bariatric surgeon specialized in advanced laparoscopic techniques for more than two decades. He practices minimal invasive surgery offering excellent health care to obese patients.

Patients are prepared for their bariatric procedure in a way that creates the best conditions possible not only for the success of the procedure itself, but for the long-term success of their weight-loss program and the improvement of their health. The information and involvement of our patients in this life-changing decision is a cornerstone. Patients are recommended the best operation technique depending on the case and together with their doctor decide about the procedure to be applied. The chosen procedure aims on decreasing the weight to levels according to the targets set before the obesity surgery as well as offering long-term benefits of great value for the patient’s life.

Dr. Valsamidis operates at Hygeia Hospital, Greece’s largest and most prominent Private Hospital. Its priority is to continue to offer top-level healthcare services, in tune with the highest standards worldwide, making HYGEIA Group an innovator in its field.

He also operates at Mediterraneo Hospital which is a private tertiary care hospital with modern facilities and high-tech equipment.

The bariatric team consists of private practioners-scientists with excellent knowledge and experience in treating scandinavian patients. Medical and nursing staff keep on with education activities and training seminars in hospitalizing and treating patients from abroad continuously.

The quality standards are of highest priority in every day fronts, equal and even overpassing the scnadinavian ones.

All materials and laparoscopic instruments are bought per case in order to adopt the technique to the operation needed according to the patient.

Scheduled post-operative care, psychological support and a life long follow-up is incorporated in the dedicated relationship keeping with our patients.