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Lose 15-20 Kgs with Botox injections LNPG

Laparoscopic Non-Permanent Gastroparesis (LNPG) is a combined procedure for the treatment of GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease) and obesity.

An Overview

Hiatal defects (hiatal hernia) often lead to reflux disease in overweight individuals, causing symptoms like heartburn, chest pain, and gastric acid entering the esophagus. Medications like PPIs mask symptoms but don’t address the issue, potentially leading to esophageal cancer.

The Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication (LNF) surgery fixes the hiatal defect, relieves GERD symptoms, and reduces cancer risk while promoting weight loss.

Botox toxin, injected into the stomach wall, induces feelings of fullness and satiety, but endoscopic use can be risky. Laparoscopic injection is safer.

Combining LNF and laparoscopic Botox injection effectively treats reflux disease and offers non-permanent gastroparesis, resulting in significant weight loss and providing a foundation for permanent weight loss.

The Process Sequence

A brief about Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication (LNF)

This surgical treatment is your choice. It is the so-called Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication (LNF). The procedure is usually done through 3-4 very small incisions in the abdominal wall, allowing access to the surgeon in the abdominal cavity. The Hiatal defect is then restored and the volume of the stomach is reduced in a way that doesn’t require either cutting or rearranging the anatomy of the patient.

The effects of this procedure alone are beneficial to the symptoms of GERD and it gives a permanent solution to the risk of developing cancer in the future. Studies and clinical observation have also shown that Obese patients who are operated on with an LNF also benefit from a total weight loss of 5-10 kg over the next year(s).

A brief about LNPG or Botox injections for weight loss in Dubai

Botox toxin is known to have an effect on satiety and feeling full, even though you haven’t eaten a proper meal. After LNF, Laparoscopic Non-Permanent Gastroparesis (LNPG) is administered laparoscopically.

The Botox injections control satiety by minimizing the natural movement of the organ and therefore causing what is called late emptying. These Botox injections for weight loss in Dubai are gaining quite a popularity for showing immense weight loss results.

More weight loss, more satisfaction!

Laparoscopic Non-Permanent Gastroparesis (LNPG) combines the treatment of GERD and obesity, offering distinct advantages over Laparoscopic Nissen Fundoplication (LNF).

LNF primarily addresses GERD symptoms and can result in a weight loss of 5-10 kg over the next year(s) for obese patients. On the other hand, LNPG combines LNF with the laparoscopic injection of Botox into the stomach wall. This dual approach provides a non-permanent gastroparesis, which leads to an extended feeling of fullness and a more significant weight loss. 

While LNF focuses on addressing GERD symptoms and preventing oesophagal cancer, LNPG offers a holistic approach that can result in a weight loss of up to 50% of the patient’s excess body weight. This substantial weight loss serves as a catalyst for adopting healthier eating habits and achieving permanent weight loss, making LNPG a more effective solution for both GERD and obesity than LNF alone.

Why choose Dr. Nikolaos Valsamidis For Laparoscopic Non-Permanent Gastroparesis (LNPG)?

LNPG is basically the usage of Botox injection effects on minimizing appetite. But instead of injecting it endoscopically (with gastroscopy by gastroenterologists), Dr. Nikolas Valsamidis inject it under direct vision during Laparoscopy.

In some highly specialized centres, in Europe and in the USA, it has been used as a treatment for obesity when injected endoscopically every 6 months. Injecting the Botulinum toxin into the stomach causes satiety by minimizing the natural movement of the organ and, therefore, causing what is called late emptying. The risk of injecting Botox in the stomach endoscopically while doing a gastroscopy under sedation is that the space in which the gastroenterologist can operate is minimal.

Furthermore, the doctor only sees the healthy mucosa of the stomach and doesn’t know what lies behind it in terms of vessels, arteries, and veins. Injecting the toxin in a vessel, and therefore in the blood circulation, can cause serious complications.

Therefore, it is much safer to inject Botox laparoscopically on the serous part of the stomach, where the surgeon has direct vision of both the location but also the path of all vessels.  

For over a decade, Dr. Nikolas Valsamidis has specialized in Minimal Invasive Surgery, particularly performing more than 1000 advanced laparoscopic weight loss surgeries focused on the surgical treatment of Morbid Obesity.

Choose Dr. Nikolas Valsamidis for LNPG, and Botox injections for weight loss in Dubai.

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