We collaborate with a Danish specialist in medical tourism operating for the entire Nordic region. We work on achieving savings of up to 70%.

Kirurgirejser is the largest and oldest travel agency that offers surgery abroad.

The office operates since 2004 and have successfully sent thousands of Nordic patients outside the country.

Reasons you choose to be operated in Greece via Kirurgi Rejser

…you get the most for your money!

  • You are operated by a Danish surgeon, trained both in Denmark and Sweden, who has the ability to attend personally his patients, both before and after surgery, in Copenhagen.
  • Dr. Valsamidis is in Copenhagen once every month, when there is an opportunity to meet and talk to him directly at our premises in Frederiksberg.
  • Dr. Valsamidis introduced the concept of “tailor-made surgery” for overweight. This means that you get the treatment that is best suited to you and your eating habits.
  • Already at the first meeting, it is defined the type of operation to be selected. This,  by a unique scoring system which involves yourself and then together with Dr. Valsamidis decide which type is best suited.
  • Dr. Valsamidis has done most Mini Gastric Bypass operations in Europe, but he also operates Sleeve Gastrectomy as well as R & Y Bypass in a wide scale.
  • He operates with the latest and greatest one-time instruments from Johnson & Johnson.
  • Operations last 30-60 min, depending on the type of operation that is selected. Hospitalization is at maximum of 2 days which are included in the final price, even if you might have to remain hospitalized one or two days extra.
  • Operations are performed at Hygeia Group Hospital and at Mediterraneo Hospital in Athens, which is both internationally and Scandinavian accredited.
  • The hospitals are modern and private and the patients benefit from personal assistance and treatment.
  • The staff speaks Scandinavian which is an add-on to the hospital’s status as “Preferred Provider” in Greece for Scandinavian Insurances.
  • All the papers from the hospital incl. receipt of the full amount of the operation cost is in Danish. This means that you can directly send them to your county where you apply for reimbursement. Typically, our patients get back between 30,000 and 45,000 danish crones.