Re-Do/Bariatric Revision Surgery

Overview: Re-Do/Bariatric Revision Surgery

Obesity is a growing problem that affects approximately 13% of the total population. While obesity may not be fatal in and of itself, it does cause lifestyle-related diseases such as hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, and many others. Aside from these, an overweight person faces social stigma and poor self-image, both of which impede progress.

Our bariatric surgeon, Dr. Nikolas Valsamidis, understands the consequences of being overweight and offers a variety of weight-reducing diets and bariatric procedures. One such effective and successful weight loss bariatric procedure is bariatric revision surgery in Dubai.

What is a Re-do or Revisional Bariatric Procedure?

Revisional Weight loss surgery is a procedure for patients who have undergone bariatric surgery in the past but have experienced complications or have not lost enough weight. Revision of the procedure performed is required to reduce complications and restore hope in the lives of patients.

Individuals who have undergone bariatric procedures such as gastric band surgery, gastric band removal surgery or a lap band surgery but have experienced significant weight gain or have not experienced the desired weight loss should change their weight loss strategy.

What is gastric band removal surgery?

Gastric band removal surgery involves the extraction of a previously implanted gastric band, commonly performed due to complications, inadequate weight loss, or patient preference. The procedure is conducted through small incisions, with the aim of addressing issues related to the band and, in some cases, exploring alternative weight loss solutions. Recovery varies, and consultation with healthcare professionals is crucial for personalized guidance.

What is Lap Band Revision Surgery?

When complications arise that necessitate the removal of the lap band or when weight loss is ineffective, revisional lap band surgery is recommended. Revisional surgery is a two-step procedure that involves removing the existing band and then performing a new procedure.

Who will need a bariatric revisional surgery?

If your initial bariatric procedure did not result in optimal weight loss or if you have regained a significant amount of your excess body weight, you may be eligible for revisional weight loss surgery. All bariatric surgeries result in a small amount of weight gain.

If your original procedure caused complications, you may benefit from revisional surgery.

Results expected post-revisional surgery

The outcomes of revisional bariatric surgery vary, but weight loss is typically less significant than after your initial procedure.

Your outcomes are also affected by your initial bariatric procedure. Many lap band patients can expect significant weight loss after converting to Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.

When to opt for revisional surgery?

  • Addressing Complications: If complications arise from the initial bariatric surgery, such as band slippage, pouch dilation, or nutritional deficiencies, revisional surgery offers corrective measures to enhance the patient’s overall well-being.
  • Inadequate Weight Loss: For those experiencing suboptimal weight loss as a result of the first procedure, revisional surgery provides an opportunity to explore alternative approaches or modify the existing surgical technique for improved outcomes.
  • Changing Health Conditions: Life is dynamic, and health circumstances can evolve. Revisional surgery allows for adjustments to accommodate changes in a patient’s health, ensuring that the bariatric solution aligns with their current needs.
  • Enhanced Effectiveness: Some individuals may opt for revisional surgery to transition from one type of bariatric procedure to another, seeking a more effective or suitable option based on their evolving weight loss goals and health considerations.

Why consult Dr. Nikolas Valsamidis for bariatric revision surgery in Dubai?

Our bariatric surgery expert, Dr. Nikolas Valsamidis, specializes in revisional procedures, offering personalized assessments and tailored solutions to meet individual needs. He begins with a thorough assessment of the patient’s medical history, current health status, and the specifics of their previous bariatric surgery.

Based on the evaluation, he crafts personalized plans to address complications, refine the existing procedure, or transition to a different bariatric technique, ensuring the best possible outcomes for each patient.

To enhance the effectiveness of your bariatric band, get in touch with the best bariatric surgeon in Dubai today!

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